Monday, 14 May 2018

University of Guelph Business Pentathlon - WINNERS!

Assumption business students travelled to the University of Guelph to compete in the first ever Business Pentathlon.

Throughout the day, our students competed in 5 business challenges, including:
1.  Case Study - Sustainability - Analysis and presentation
2.  Gryphon's Den (akin to Dragon's Den + accounting skills)
3.  Business Bonanza (5 timed event in accounting, real estate, marketing, leadership and teamwork)
4.  Business 101 (Interview skills, professionalism)
5.  Business Trivia

Of the 59 teams in the competition, we were the only competitors this side of Waterloo, with the majority of the schools coming from the GTA. 

After the scores were tallied, the Raiders once again proved they are among the best students in the province

1st Place in the case study (Renz Arcelao, Deep Sandhu, Stiv Berberi, Mirna Eshaya)  

1st Place in the Business Bonanza (Renz Arcelao, Deep Sandhu, Stiv Berberi, Mirna Eshaya)

3rd Place in Gryphone's Den (Aiden Jansen, Jose Guillen Santos, Melody Salehi, Auggie Valore)

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

School Climate Survey

Assumption parents please voluntarily complete the school's climate survey by May 23 by using the following link:

Monday, 23 April 2018

Waterloo Math Contest Results

We had 33 students from grade 9, 10 and 11 participate in this year's Waterloo Math Contest.  Our Assumption students obtained stellar results.  The highlights are as follows.  Keep in mind that this contest is taken by thousands of students across Canada.

Grade 10:
Deepashika S. - Finished in the top 0.3% - 81st out of 21600 students!
Zachary T. - Finished in the top 1% - 256/21600 students
Christopher N. - Finished in top 4% - 885/21600 students

Grade 11:
Saumya B.- Top 6% out of 17600 students
Josh P. - Top 4% out of 17600 students
Bryan F. - Top 2% out of 17600 students
Benedykt S. - Top 0.7% meaning he finished 125th out of 17600 students
Jonathan B. - Top 0.2% meaning he finished 42 out of 17600 students

Way to go Raiders and congrats again to all who wrote!

Wednesday, 17 January 2018



All elementary students and their families are welcome!