Monday, 31 March 2014

Letter to Parents and Guardians

Greetings to all Assumption Parents and Guardians

Please read a letter going home with our students today. The letter can also be found in the Parent Information Section of our website,

The letter outlines the formation of a "We Need to Talk" Parent Series that will entail parents receiving a newsletter on each Monday during the month of April that will highlight specific areas of internet safety with key information that parents can use on a daily basis to assist us in doing all we can to make internet use a safe and useful tool for learning. During Education the message will be reinforced by implementing the "We Need to Talk" Student Series which will focus on Cyber Bullying, Sexting and Profile Protection, with students in Grades 4-8 taking part in a systemwide, three-part series on internet safety.

Further details will follow.

Joseph Ibrahim