Wednesday, 2 April 2014

ACS students participate in Poetry in Voice

In February, 10 students competed in the Poetry in Voice competition.

Poetry in Voice is a national recitation contest for Canadian high schools. Students memorize and recite two  poems chosen from hundreds in an online anthology. By learning poems by heart, students develop lifelong relationships with poetry while improving their language, public speaking, and memorization skills.

See the highlights of the night here: : ht[Link]tps://

Congratulations to the 2014 ACS Winners!

First Place Winner--Natalie Lewoc (Grade 12)
Second Place Winner--Erika Nguyen (Grade 11)
Third Place Winner--Lara Tansug (Grade 9)

Congratulations to the other contestants who participated in this challenging event:

Campbell McMullan
Joshua Vitella
Lauren Lanoue
Ben Langlois
Connor Cosgrove
Patrick White