Monday, 15 December 2014

Business students win another competition!

Students from the BMX3E marketing class competed in the YouthX Entrepreneurship Competition last week at the Odette School of business.  After running their own micro-business for 8 weeks, the top 11 groups from around Essex County were invited to present their enterprises to a panel of judges.  

Round 1 presentations were in three separate rooms, and the top 2 groups from each moved on to the final round.  Both Assumption groups won their preliminary round and advanced to the finals.

After the final presentation, 3 Axis Printing from Assumption was named the top group overall and won a $700 investment to help them grow their 3D printing business.  The other Assumption group ended up in 4th place.  It was an ourstanding event overall, and several of the judges (including local entrepreneurs, lawyers, professors and bankers) shared their business cards with the Assumption students hoping to foster long term connections with them in the business community.

Congratulations to Enzo Campa, Dan Burns and Jacob Schwab on their victory!

Please take a moment to watch this video:     - it was compiled during the first 4 hours of the event and shows what our business competitions look like

Mr. Bracken

The 3Axis Workshop

A view of the auditorium while they presented to an audience of 250 people.