Thursday, 14 May 2015

The 2015 multicultural festival at Assumption was yet another success on May 8. There were over 100 students involved from all grade levels. These students continue the legacy of an ACS tradition of over 25 years.

During education week, students read prayers in their native languages, heard various national anthems,created diversity posters,wore their native costumes for the mass,and then participated in the festival in the gym on Friday.

There were over 15 booth representations from various countries including Poland, Philippines, India, Italy, and many others. Each booth sold cultural foods (made by them and their loving wonderful parents), artifacts and trinkets. Staff, parents, previous students, and CEC staff attended the event. Over seven hundred dollars was donated to the Missions from the proceeds collected. A pizza party was also given as a celebration of appreciation to the students involved. A huge hug goes to Miss Anna Sisti (retired ACS teacher) for all her help with the finances and the pizza party.
Also, thanks to Mr Chiandusi and Mrs Delduca Howie for their help during the day.

As a new event added, many students performed a talent show in their own language and presented it during the festival. It was amazing!

This wonderful event just keeps growing,and next year already promises to be even better.
 Mrs Sauro and Mrs Grabka want to express a warm appreciation for all the students,staff, friends  and parents who gave their time and effort for this tradition to go on.