Wednesday, 21 October 2015

ACS Take Your Kids to Work Day 2015

It's that time of year again!

The 21st annual "Take our kids to work day" is right around the corner.  

Here is some of the information:

Who: All grade 9 students who complete permission forms on or before November 2nd

What: A NATIONAL Job shadow day for Grade 9 students.


Key dates and activities include:

Period 3, Monday October 26th – Teacher Packages Delivered to Period 3 grade 9 teachers.

Period 3, Thursday October 29th – Grade 9 Assembly regarding more detailed information including health and safety awareness training  - Start time: approximately 12 pm.

Monday, November 2nd  - Permission forms are due – please submit to me by the end of the day along with a list of grade 9 students that are not participating

Wednesday November 4th ALL DAY -  Take Our Kids To Work Day –participating students go directly to Job Shadow Placements and non-participating students attend school as per their regularly scheduled classes

-On Thursday October 29th the Information and Health and Safety assembly will take place in the cafeteria at approximately 12:00 - please wait until classes are called down.

-On the day of the event - students are to go directly to/with their host for the day - Example... if the student is shadowing Aunt Jane at the Bank - she goes directly to the Bank as long as a completed permission form has been submitted.

Specific information will be administered regarding this event via handouts on the 27th and assembly on the 29th and Mr. Frias will be available should any teacher, student, parent have any questions or need clarifications.

-To encourage students to start thinking about their pathways seriously
-To have students develop an appreciation for "The World of Work".