Tuesday, 8 March 2016

ACS Debate Teams Shine Again

The Assumption Debate Team had one of it's most successful tournaments of all time on Friday at the University of Windsor.

The Assumption senior teams cruised through the round robin with a combined record of 23-2. When the dust settled, three of the 4 finalists were from Assumption. Evan Tanovich and Uyger Tepe ultimately took home 3rd place honours, Jacob Schwab and Burhan Siddiqui were 2nd and the dynamic duo of Mirna Eshaya and Deep Sandhu shocked the field with their outstanding performance in route to winning first overall.

With 80 teams competing overall, having the top 3 finishers from ACS is an amazing feat! Extra congrats goes to Uyger Tepe and Mirna Eshaya for winning the best male and female debaters in the tournament.

Go Raiders!